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Ad Brothers is a leading executive search of the global firm that specializes in identifying, evaluating, and placing leadership and management talent in the Hotel and hospitality industry. Founded in 2013, many of us have real-world operating experience in the Hotel Hospitality industry as general managers, food and beverage directors, chefs and other senior management roles.

We take time to understand your business goals, company culture, and specific job requirements so that we can present exactly the kind of candidate you need. Our client relationships are informed by trust, discretion, and confidentiality. We are absolutely focused on, and dedicated to, the long-term success of our clients.

Consultant Profiles

Ad Brothers executive search consultants are professionals who typically begin their careers in the hotel and hospitality industry not as recruiters, but as general managers of hotel / resort properties, food and beverage directors, chefs, and other key management personnel positions. Several have earned degrees from prestigious hotel.

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Global Guarantee

Ad Brothers takes extreme care to ensure that our clients receive the best candidates possible. Throughout the search process, our consultants are constantly seeking to create the ideal match between client and candidate.

As part of this process, in partnership with the client, conducts extensive due diligence on final candidates in order to maximize the client’s chances of a successful hire.

As a demonstration of our commitment to the long-term success of our clients, Ad Brothers offers an exclusive guarantee of up to one year. Should a placed candidate leave his/her employment, Ad Brothers will apply a credit to the costs of finding a replacement. Please ask one of our consultants for details of our guarantee terms.

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